Sausage maker for Christmas – No pun intended Santa

I have in the within the last year become a meat eater.

For my close friends and family this was a bit of a shock since I had been a vegetarian for 10 plus years before.

So what does a new meat eater ask Santa for Christmas?

A sausage maker of course!

Here’s how this first encounter went down –

IMG_0670IMG_0669 (2)

These are Wild West real sausage casings purchased from Canadian Tire.

1st time playing with these bad boys. They have a horrifying stench when you open the bag and especially when you clean the salt off them. All I can describe it as is it smells like sour.


I bought one pork shoulder, cut it into thin “ish” strips and put it through my new food grinder attachment on my kitchen aid blender. I threw in paprika, salt, a little black pepper, dried oregano, thyme powder, dried parsley and i think that was all. I am leaving out the garlic, onions chilies etc so that I can eat these and they are low FODMAP, which is the reason I wanted to make my own sausage.


Stuffing the casing was easier than I thought. You just need to make sure you fill up the casing area enough and then move to the next part gently gliding your hand along as you push down the meat though the machine.

I did have some difficulty half way through.

It didn’t seem like the ground meat was going through the mixer attachment properly. My husband came to help push the ground meat down through the mixer with his manly strength. It helped a little but not enough.

So we quit while we were ahead, twisted the sausage and made the rest into meatballs.

I will try this again soon and hopefully make more than one sausage link.

Hey at least it tasted good.


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