Jammin 2014

2014 has been the official year of Jammin Preserves. What started about as homemade preserves for my family became one busy little side business for me.

This year I have participated in two craft shows, one at the school I work at and another at the local grocery store ( small town, I know!).Otherwise I have had some really cool people order holiday gift packs from me, you know who you are :).

The coolest part above all was sharing the jam love and watching people enjoy something I created. Now that is rewarding.

If you are more interested in sweet jams or savory jam and jelly’s you can visit my Etsy site.

Below is a look into the world of Jammin Preserves jams and jelly’s.

These are my holiday gift packs


Me at the grocery store craft show
Tomato Jam Sweet and Savory, use it anywhere you would put ketchup! My favourite is on a tuna sandwich or dipping a grilled cheese in it. **Vegan/Low Fodmap**
Golden Sugar Vanilla Banana Butter Golden sugar uses its hint of molasses to permeate this banana based jam with a deep sugary flavour. Amazing on waffles or pancake and great for peanut butter sandwiches.Or be like me and eat it out of the jar! **Vegan/Low Fodmap**
Jalapeno, Red & Green Pepper Jelly Sweet and Spicy this jam is great with anything from crackers and cheese to glazing on meats. I especially like pork chops.All jalapenos in this jelly were grown in my garden. **Vegan/Low Fodmap**

Cranberry Orange Jam Sweet and tart, a great Holiday Gift. Great on the classics as well as with ham and turkey dinner. **Vegan/Low Fodmap**
Red Wine Jelly
Red Wine Jelly So simple so good. Red wine jelly is excellent with cheese in crackers. Spread some on beef for a glaze, use it as a base for red wine sauce or make an excellent dessert with poached pears , ice cream and the jelly. **Vegan/Low Fodmap**
Jammin Preserves CCJ
***AWARD WINNING Carrot Cake Jam *** 1st place winner 2014 Have you every wanted dessert for breakfast? Carrots and fresh pineapple work together with cinnamon and nutmeg to perk up your toast! Add peanut butter or cream cheese for a truly decadent experience. My grandma says its good with ham too! **Vegan/Low Fodmap**