Gardening 2014

This past summer was a great joy for me. It was the first real summer where I was able to have a vegetable garden in my back yard. We moved into our place August 2013 so I experimented with the soil, planting some peppers and basil that I had in pots on our apartment balcony.

I spent countless hours, weeding, digging and prepping the soil in the spring. On weekends I would go outside at about 10 am come inside around 4 pm and my calves and thighs would be so tight I could barely walk. I also got a killer gardeners tan, which was only the top half of my back.

Here is some photo highlights of my vegetable garden. I used the jalapenos and carrots to make some of the jams and jelly’s that I have sold this year at craft shows and online on Etsy.

2014-07-23 15.47.59 2014-07-23 15.48.06 2014-07-23 15.47.42 2014-07-23 15.47.31 2014-07-23 15.47.20I am always looking for tips on how to prevent bugs and slugs from eating my produce. If you have any natural remedies please let me know.


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